Karen Haughey

We are deeply grateful to Karen Haughey for allowing us to use examples of her marvelous angel paintings on this web site.

Please take a moment to get to know Karen.

We’re sure you’ll be as delighted with her and her work as we are:

Karen M. Haughey is an award winning artist, published poet, and designer whose angel paintings are the beautiful backdrops for our angel messages. Her work has been shown in private as well as corporate collections, and in numerous galleries throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Due to the unique quality and derivation of her work, Karen’s angel art has been seen on television, book and magazine covers, and she has been interviewed on nationally broadcast radio programs.

Karen is author and artist of the internationally published coffee table book, "Angels, Guardian's of the Light", which is a collection of her ethereal paintings, philosophies and life, published by Hay House.

As a certified trainer, Karen teaches personal development workshops privately as well as in public seminars. Based on the internationally acclaimed best selling book, "You Can Heal Your Life", by Louise L Hay, Karen’s powerful life changing courses help people improve in the areas of: self esteem, love, career goals, team building, overcoming fears, releasing the past, and overall health. She is also an ordained Christian based non-denominational minister, Reiki Master, and credentialed arts and crafts instructor.

Private commissioned paintings:

Karen has the unique talent of being able to see a person’s angel. She can also see the essence of the angel within a person, and to bring this vision out through paint on canvas.

The painting on the right is called “Karen’s Angels”. At a time of tremendous transition in her life she began painting this work for no specific reason. Partway through the work she realized that she had been painting her own angels as she received guidance from them through her challenges. She reports that “Life has never been the same.”

The painting below is called Zannah’s Angel. It is a painting of the Angel of Karen’s friend Zannah. Karen created this beautiful painting as a gift to Zannah in honor of her mission work with “ARC”, a national association for retarded persons.

It seems that Zannah has a flair for writing poetry and honored Karen with a lovely original poem. To read that poem and to learn more about Zannah click here.

Click here for a page with thumbnail images of more of Karen’s angels and angel essences.


Your Angel or Angel Essence:

If you would like Karen to create a painting of your angel or angel essence she is available to do commissioned work for individual or corporate accounts.

Karen is also an Excellent Teacher Offering:

  • Group and private classes in personal creativity and artistic expression via mixed medium in watercolor, pastel, collage, and pencil.

  • Group and private classes entitled, "You Can Heal Your Life", based on Louise L. Hay's best selling books and tapes by the same name. This class covers self-esteem, team building, overcoming fear, stress release, love, and overall health improvement.

  • Group and private classes in Reiki training which involve the natural flow of chi, or vital life force energy that facilitates the healing of the body as well as the mind. This healing art originates within its earliest roots to India, China and Japan, and is used and taught in many hospitals throughout the world today.

Ceremonial Services:

Weddings and baptisms are offered in a Christian based non-denominational atmosphere throughout the United States.


Karen M. Haughey
39120 Argonaut Way # 513
Fremont, California U.S.A.

telephone ~ 510 252-9646
email ~ [email protected]